Good Land Sound

Recording Services
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The studio is $60.00 per hour including 1 engineer, additional engineer/producer/musician is an additional $30.00 per hour.

Special Packages

Drums: We can learn, play and record the drums on your song (no longer than five minutes long) and give you back the edited files for a flat fee of $400.00

Songwriting Package: We can help you write or finish writing your song, as well as professionally record, mix and master it all for a flat fee of $1,400.00

We can custom tailor a recording package for you; if it’s a singer/songwriter looking to record their song with professional musicians, or a band that is established and ready to record live — all together at once — we have the right set up for you and can discuss how to best accommodate your specific needs as an artist or group. This initial consultation is free.

Perhaps, as a band or solo artist, you need more development and aren’t quite ready to capture it in the studio. We offer professional drum, bass, guitar, piano and voice lessons, working with you to find and hone your unique voice. Whether you’re a singer, guitar player, pianist or a drummer, we will make you play and sound better.

We are a team of songwriters first foremost, and craft our approach to the recording process with the song as the most important guiding force.

We’ve had a lot of success in helping clients write songs. Be it to help finish lyrics, write (or assist in writing) a melody, coming up with a possible guitar or piano riff… These are our favorite things to do and we are happy to work with you in whatever musical capacity you want.

We also write original material for singers who don’t write music, but have lyrical ideas, or sing. We can build a song from the ground up based around you, what is happening in your life, and work to improve the lyricist and melodist in you.

Once the song is structured and rehearsed, we can help you create a professionally arranged song with top-level production — mixed and mastered by professionals — to match the emotion the artist or band envisioned.

We use Melodyne and are experienced and fast. We are happy to tune any vocals you’d like, however you’d like them tuned. If left to our own devices, our main goal in the tuning is to create a great, super-listenable, emotional vocal that conveys the melody intended, something that can sit in a final mix.

We use the tuning sparingly when possible, emphasizing the importance of a singer’s technique and practice regimen.

At Good Land Sound we have everything you need:
— A state of the art, acoustically tuned drum room.
— A customized, great sounding control room complete with a mid-eighties Allen & Heath Sigma 4S 24 track console.
— A Universal Audio 610 pre amp and 1176 compressor with Hi-Z in.
— We run Protools and Logic, as well as utilize a vintage Tascam BR-20T ¼” reel to reel mastering tape machine.
— Mic Selection: We have to thank Craig Costigan at Elixer Media Services and Larry Villella for a great selection of ADK microphones, the Hamburg, Vienna and A-6 are all ADKS. We also use AKG and Shure mics.

In today’s age of perfectly timed tracks, editing has become a crucial part of the process. For instance, once a drummer’s job is done, we are able to perfectly time the drums if desired, allowing loops and samples to be seamlessly added to perfect, organic drums.

The best parts of multiple takes on any instrument can be cut, pasted and faded to make the best possible performance.

This is a crucial stage in the art of producing a song. We offer mixing services at Good Land Sound, as well as through a couple of partner studios that we work with to get the best possible mix depending on budget.

All our studio musicians are professionals; music is all we do. Depending on your project, we can find the right team for your needs.